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PROMAXON®-D is a highly porous calcium silicate which is widely used in friction materials. Especially in disc pad applications, PROMAXON®-D is an important ingredient of new generations of formulations. PROMAXON®-D is produced by Promat International N.V. in Belgium, Europe of which Lapinus is the sole world-wide distributor for friction material applications. By means of a special crystallization process and controlled crystal growth, white particles are formed with a spherical, porous morphology.

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Cost, flexibility and compressibility

Due to the highly porous shape of PROMAXON®-D particles it is possible to increase the porosity of friction material in a controlled way which can result in a significant cost reduction, increased flexibility and compressibility of friction materials. The PROMAXON®-D particles have a strong, high density shell by which the particles will keep their shape when exposed to e.g. dry mixing shear forces and pressure during moulding. This ensures a reliable and effective performance of PROMAXON®-D particles in the final product.

Increased friction level and friction level stability

The high porosity and mild abrasive nature of PROMAXON®-D in combination with the flexible structure can increase and stabilize the friction level over a broad speed, pressure and temperature range. The high thermal stability in combination with the highly porous structure makes the product very effective to improve the fade performance of friction materials. At the same time PROMAXON®-D will polish the disc surface without increasing wear.

Comfort and noise

PROMAXON®-D is very effective in influencing the porosity, flexibility and compressibility in combination with increased stability of the friction level. Due to these influences, PROMAXON®-D can be used to improve the noise performance significantly. This makes PROMAXON®-D an essential part of existing and new friction material formulations.

Product characteristics


Bulk density (g/l)85-130
Average particle size (µm)
Coarse particles (> 254 µm)                                 < 2%
Moisture content< 3%
Ignition loss< 7%
Specific weight (g/cm3)± 2.6
Specific surface area (BET m2/g)> 40


Chemical analysis

Parameter                   Average/Tolerance
Iignition loss7%

Chemical Abstract Service (CAS) Registry Number PROMAXON®-D: 1344-95-2


PROMAXON®-D is available in the following packaging:

Bag: 15 kg

Pallet: 210 kg

Container 40ft: 8,4 MT