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Engineered mineral fibres

Lapinus fibres are spun at high temperature from high purity volcanic rock and man-made briquettes of precisely defined chemical composition.
Due to their high-alumina low-silica chemical composition, Lapinus engineered mineral fibres are bio-soluble in the human body and are classified as non-carcinogenic. Unique to these fibres are the various surface coatings they can be given, including aminosilane, sulphursilane, rubber, and cationic surfactants.

Other fibres

Other fibres comprise specialty fibres which are complementary to our engineered mineral fibres and are an essential ingredient in our customers’ portfolio of raw materials. Based on its advanced application know how, Lapinus can recommend which fibres are best suited for the customer’s application both from a cost as well as from a performance perspective.

Other products

Besides fibres Lapinus can also supply other specialty raw materials which have been designed to be optimally suitable for specific applications. It goes without saying that also for these products customers can rely on Lapinus’ extensive technical support.