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Global Automotive Declarable Substance List

GADSL - the Global Automotive Directive Substances List – has been initiated by the world’s largest car manufacturers and main suppliers for recycling purposes. Please check the GADSL organisation.

The GADSL list is meant as a guideline for mainly Tier1, Tier2 suppliers to the automotive industry to create the by the OEM demanded IMDS. In the IMDS (International Material Data System) all materials used for car manufacture are archived and maintained. Please check IMDS system.

The GADSL list 2014 (, version 1.0 refers on page 26, under no. 70 to Mineral Fibres (Natural or Synthetic) which require declaration (D) for information (FI) except for
- Non-respirable fibres
- Fibres with a low biopersistance.

Our Note Q mineral fibres, known as Roxul®1000, Coatforce® and Lapinus® show the required low biopersistance which is defined in Note Q of European GHS law EC 1272/2008 (notes to an entry).

In order to comply with Note Q, our mineral fibres, known as Roxul®1000, Coatforce® and Lapinus®, are produced with the use of briquettes which ensure the proper chemistry of the fibres. The chemistry in an actual production is measured with regular intervals by renowned, independent institutes and we hold the RAL and EUCEB  certificates to prove that.

In other words, our mineral fibres do not require declaration. For your convenience the Roxul®1000 fibre is mentioned in the IMDS system under CAS number 287922-11-6 as being non-declarable.

If further information is required, then please address Regulatory Affairs, Mrs. Nanty Hautus,