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Be part of the solution: (Re-)building the future

Lapinus Fibres is a member of the Rockwool Group. As part of this year’s innovative CSR Report, ROCKWOOL Benelux also disclosed a new CSR website (Re-)building the future – launched by CEO of the ROCKWOOL Group, Jens Birgersson, designed to bring to life all aspects of the report in a manner that clearly presents the impact that everyday business has on society for all operating companies affiliated with ROCKWOOL Benelux.

Ranging from horticultural impact (GRODAN) to industrial-scale energy savings (ROCKWOOL TECHNICAL INSULATION), to ensuring safety (LAPINUS FIBRES) the CSR webpage emphasises the cross-sector role that the ROCKWOOL Group plays in sustainable innovation, while also pioneering for a progressive, global approach towards a more positive social impact within the built environment. 

Further information:

Hannie Stappers
Director Public Affairs
+31 475 35 7688

CSR report - (Re-)building the Future

ROCKWOOL Benelux has released its annual CSR report, combining the usual facts and figures with a rounded campaign for positive societal change supported by industry and political stakeholders alike. 

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Get inspired by our vision on (Re-)building the Future