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Code of practice

Handling of coarse fibres can cause a transient mechanical effect. Examples of coarse fibres that may annoy your skin until you wash or otherwise remove them are hair (after a hair cut), sheep wool, coarse textiles or mineral wool. The recommended working practices mentioned below will help you to use the products in a way that minimizes transient itching of the skin.

This information can also be found on our packaging material. The websites of Eurima and Naima (Association of European / North-American mineral wool manufacturers) can also be consulted
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Reduce dust:
 Store the material to protect against damage, including humidity
 Do not unpack the material until it will be used

Cover exposed skin.
When working in unventilated area wear disposable face mask.

Clean area using vacuum equipment.

Waste should be disposed of according to local regulations.

Rinse in cold water before washing.

Ventilate working area if possible.

Wear goggles when working overhead.

For the Safety Data Sheet see related links.

If you have any questions regarding the recommended work practices, the Safety Data Sheet or other H&S matters, then please contact