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Water Management

Sport Turfs

Engineered soil enhancer
Additive material specially engineered for improving performance and influence water behavior of rootzone structures or sand composites.

Distributor: SWDsystems


Aquifer elements
Elements specially designed for landscaping purposes in public urbanized regions. The elements have the ability to improve water control of green areas. 

Distributor: Permavoid

Rainwater Management

Aquifer elements
Elements specially designed for infiltration purposes. The elements have a large net volume for optimal drainage, infiltration and a storage capacity of as much as 94% of its volume.

Distributor: Hydrorock

Distributor: ACO

Water Management

Due to the high degree of pavements in cities and the changing climate, heavy rainfalls can lead to floodings inside cities. At the same time, water is scarce and ground water levels are dropping. These trends lead to changing regulations in many countries. The use of green roofs, city parks and trees is stimulated and the rejecting of rainwater into the sewage system is prohibited more and more.

LAPINUS FIBRES is introducing a sustainable and environmentally friendly stone wool based product line developed to add value to water management solutions under our brand LAPINUS®, marketed together with our partners.