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Lapinus has developed the special Rockforce® product range for the plastics industry. Apart from application in polypropylene and polyamides, we are also developing new sizings to improve compatibility and thus reinforcement properties for high performance polymers.

Thermoplastic applications
In thermoplastic applications, our fibres offer an excellent price/performance ratio, improved output during compounding, improved surface quality and less tendency to warpage.

Thermoset applications
In thermoset applications, our fibres give excellent reinforcement properties in Reinforced Reaction Injection Moulded Polyurethane (RRIM-PUR) products such as bumpers, spoilers, side claddings etc. Some of the benefits are: excellent mechanical properties and improved surface quality of the mouldings, easy processing and considerably lower machine wear as well as fewer problems with the blocking of nozzles and therefore less maintenance.

Within the thermoset applications, Lapinus Fibres' dual coated Rockforce fibre significantly improves the performance of Phenolic Moulding Compounds. The fibres improve strenght and thermal properties in parts with small dimensions for automotive and industrial appliations.