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Gaskets and Papers

Automotive and industrial

High temperature resistant mineral fibres for use in automotive and industrial gaskets.

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Heat shields

Incombustible Lapinus' fibres give excellent protection between engine and passenger compartment.

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Transmission papers

Recent developments in automotive have lead to higher performing materials.

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Gaskets and Papers

Lapinus is the world’s leading supplier of engineered fibres for inclusion in gaskets and for other applications such as heat shields. Rockseal® fibres, specially developed for the gasket industry, increase strength, temperature resistance and compression set.
Our fibres are incombustible and have excellent high-temperature performance. This makes them ideal for creating heat-resistive papers. Heat shields made with Lapinus papers also meet the growing requirements for recycling.


For excellent mechanical bond and better processing of Gasket materials Lapinus Fibres offers Heracron® Aramid Pulp from Kolon Industries. Heracron® aramid fibres are high tenacity, high modulus fibrillated aramid fibres with excellent strength, thermal resistance and chemical resistance.