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Engineered mineral fibres (Note Q)

The high thermal stability and strength of our fibres make them ideal for use in various friction applications.

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Trading products

Combined with our friction know how and Note-Q fibres we can offer you a series of added value products that enhance the friction performance.

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Application Development Centre

We continue to invest in our friction R&D activities in order to support our customers with improved products, application research and field engineering.

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Lapinus is the world's leading supplier of engineered bio-soluble (Note Q) fibres (Rockbrake®) for disc brakes, drum brakes, railway blocks and many other areas where friction is important; such as elevators, escalators, ski lifts and a variety of industrial equipment and machinery.

The inclusion of even small amounts of our fibres in formulations can result in major improvements in the friction material, allowing enhanced performance, reduced cost, or both. Our fibres are engineered so they are very easy to process resulting in optimal contribution to the performance of the end product.

Reduce cost
Lapinus fibres can also help reduce formulation costs by (partly) replacing more expensive components such as AES (bio-soluble) ceramic fibres, steel fibres and potassium titanate. We can suggest the best alternative product, including processing and formulation advice. 

The Rockbrake range comprises engineered fibres specially developed for the friction industry as a number of products with various fibre lengths, shot contents and surface treatments. These versatile fibres are inorganic and heat-resistant over 1000 °C, making them suitable for both low and heavy-duty friction applications. The unique characteristics of Rockbrake products provide a positive contribution to various properties of the end products. All Rockbrake products are based on the bio-soluble Roxul®1000 fibre chemistry and are produced from sustainable raw materials.

Lapinus has the possibility to add different surface treatments on the fibres and we can also produce preblends of different raw materials.

Other products
Next to fibres Lapinus commercializes a range of other raw materials commonly used in friction materials
such as:
- PROMAXON®-D; a synthetic Calcium Silicate with a porous structure produced by Promat in Belgium
- Heracron®; a fibrillated Aramid pulp produced by Kolon in Korea.

Lapinus has been active in the friction material industry for more than 20 years. This experience, combined with our technical resources, give us the possibility to solve problems that customers may have with their friction materials. We can assist in creating the best possible formulas for each application including processing advice, while taking into account specific requirements regarding friction performance, cost and health & safety.