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Coating Additives

Roof & floor coatings

Used in floor coatings, our fibres provide impact and crack resistance, so preventing liquid penetration and providing non-slip surfaces.

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Intumescent coatings

Lapinus fibres improve the fire resistance of intumescent coatings because they increase the strength of the heat resistant foam formed during a fire.

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Marine paints

Our fibres give excellent flexibility and strength, help prevent cracking and make paints far more durable and impact resistant.

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Coating Additives

Lapinus supplies fibres to the paint and coating industry to enhance the coating properties and reduce cost. Applications range from architectural (decorative) paints to industrial (protective) coatings and special purpose applications. Lapinus fibres create a micro-network within the coating that binds all the components together and creates strong, durable and highly effective products.


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