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The use of cookies on

A cookie is a data file which is saved on your computer that collects data about your use of the website. Below you’ll find a description of what use cookies for and instructions on how to manage cookies.


On we use cookies are mainly used for web analytics with the purpose of optimising the users experience on the website. Information is collected to track traffic patterns and customer characteristics, to collect information on visitor behaviour and preferences and to report aggregate information for internal statistics for the purpose of optimising our Internet based services.


No cookies or information collected through the use of cookies is being sold to a third party. No personally identifiable data are collected. Cookies are only stored on your computer until you delete them. If you do not accept our use of cookies you can disable this functionality in your own Internet browser at any time.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a data file which a website stores on your computer in order to recognise your computer the next time you visit the website. Cookies are sent back and forth between your browser and a webserver and contain information about e.g.
- If a user is logged into the website 
- How the user is using the website
- What the user searched for on the website


A cookie is a passive file and cannot spread virus or other harmful programs like spyware and malware on your computer. Their primary function is to help in analysing how the website is being used in order for the website administrator to enhance the user experience. In some instances a cookie can be necessary in order to deliver a service on the website.


Cookies are often deleted automatically from the browser when the browser is being closed (so-called session cookies). Cookies can also be set with a certain expiration time so that data will exist in a shorter or longer time (persistent cookies). Persistent cookies are often saved on the hard disk.


Additionally there is often a distinction between first part cookies and third part cookies. First part cookies are set by the web page that the user is visiting. Third part cookies are set by a third party who has an element that is embedded into the page that the user is visiting. is using both first part and third part cookies.


How to refuse and delete cookies

You have the option to refuse the setting of cookies on your computer by choosing the relevant settings in your browser. Be aware that without the use of cookies there might be functionalities of the website that might not work. A cookie is set in your computer and it will therefore always be possible for you to see, change or delete the cookies that have been set.


We hope that you will allow to set cookies as these help us to optimise the website.


If you do not wish to have cookies set when you visit you can in your browser’s settings add the domain to the list of website you wish to block cookies from. Below you’ll find instructions on how to block domains and delete cookies already set.


The below example is for Internet Explore 8. It might vary from one browser to another.


Blocking domains

1.    In your browser you choose: Tools » Internet options
2.    Under internet options you choose the tab Privacy
3.    Click the button Site
4.    Add the domain you wish to block and click the button Block.


Deleting individual cookies

1.    In your browser you choose: Tools » Internet options
2.    Under internet options you choose the tab General
3.    Click the button Settings under Browsing history
4.    Click the button View files
5.    Select the cookies you want to delete
6.    On the File menu, click Delete
7.    Click OK.


Deleting all cookies

1.    In your browser you choose: Tools » Internet options
2.    Under internet options you choose the tab General
3.    Click the button Delete under Browsing history
4.    Mark the check box Cookies.
5.    You can also choose to keep cookies and temporary internet file for your favourite website. For this also mark the check box Preserve Favorites website data
6.    Click OK


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