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Rockseal NoteQ Fibres approved by UBA

27 July 2015


The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has approved our Rockseal® products and placed them on the positive list of the elastomer guideline.

According to UBA there will be a change in the regulation of the elastomer guideline which states that only raw materials on the positive list of UBA can be used for the production of elastomers (including gaskets) for drinking water applications.

In response to this future change Lapinus Fibres Regulatory Affairs department took quick actions and started the registration of our fibres on the positive list of UBA.  On July 14th, 2015, we were confirmed officially by Intertek (our regulatory affairs consultant) that the Rockseal® fibres (including the fibre coating) got approved on the positive list of the elastomer guideline of UBA. 

This approval enables our gasket customers to continue using Rockseal®products for drinking water applications, despite the incoming stricter regulation in Germany.

We are proud of this authorization, which shows again the value of our products and our commitment to successfully deliver the needs of our customers.

Background information 

The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) is the central environmental authority in Germany. It was established in Berlin in 1974. Apart from its Central Administration Division, UBA has five divisions with a total of 14 departments. The Federal Environment Agency employs more than 1,400 people at 13 locations – its headquarters in Dessau, three sites in Berlin, one each in Langen and Bad Elster as well as seven measuring stations of its own air quality monitoring network. Almost 800 of its total staff work in Dessau-Roßlau. In addition to ‘purely scientific work’, the enforcement of environmental law – for example the Chemicals Act or the Plant Protection Act - and providing information to the general public about environmental protection issues are key areas of their daily work.

Please click the link to find the confirmation report from the company Intertek, which oversaw the registration process for us.

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