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Meet Our New Product at EuroBrake 2016

02 June 2016


We are glad to inform you that a new product will be introduced by LAPINUS FIBRES at EuroBrake 2016, 13-15 June in Milan, Italy.

Development Background:
Dust emissions and comfort have been global challenges in the friction industry in recent years. Staying close to the global trends, LAPINUS FIBRES has been continuously dedicating to product and knowledge innovation for friction materials.
Customers are facing the challenge of increasing friction level without affecting the wear and noise. RB274, the new mineral fibre chemistry with an off-white color, has been developed to make a difference to help our customers to meet the challenge.

Product Description:
RB274 is an engineered mineral fibre especially designed for friction applications. Its new chemical composition enables a softer interaction with the metallic disc, leading to a reduced disc wear. Thanks to its specially designed aspect ratio, the fibre offers an enhanced anchoring effect and improved surface reinforcement for friction material. As a result, the friction level of the friction material is increased.

Advantages of RB274:
- Reduced aggressiveness to disc
- Enhanced anchoring effect
- Improved surface reinforcement

Benefits to Applications:
RB274 is ideal for friction applications, especially for NAO/non-steel disc pads and next generation of friction materials. It contributes to: 
- Reduced disc wear
- Increased friction level

Visit Our Technical Presentation and Booth:
We kindly invite you to visit our technical presentation about this new product at Technical Session for Raw Materials and Formulations:
8:30-10:30, Tuesday, 14 June 

Please come and see the new product and get the new technical paper at our Booth 28 at EuroBrake 2016! 



Further information:

Daan de Kubber
Marketing and Business Development Manager

All LAPINUS FIBRES products are bio-soluble and safe for humans and environment.