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Aramid fibres improvements for a superior performance in friction applications

May 2015

It is important to focus on the right balance between fibre length and specific surface area to obtain optimal aramid fibres for friction materials.

Aramid fibres are used all over the world in friction applications. Both in NAO/non-steel and low steel formulas, aramid fibres offer a unique combination of properties for improved processing and performance of friction materials. Heracron® aramid fibres are high tenacity, high modulus fibrillated fibres with excellent strength, thermal and chemical resistance.

An improved production technology of aramid fibres has been developed to obtain the best combination of fibre length, fibrillation, specific surface area, moisture content and mechanical strength. This technical paper describes the evaluation results of all the different materials produced during this process improvement in comparison to reference grades.

Download the technical paper

The technical paper can be downloaded using this link:

Technical paper Lapinus Fibres Aramid fibres.


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